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Leading Telecom company requires 01 Android Software Engineer inside Consumer Business Group (Mobile Cellphones, handsets, PCs, tablets, wearables, home devices) who is responsible for: 

    • Responsible for technical analysis, verification and developer access support of software project and other related open capabilities.


    • Responsible for the preparation of technical documents related to open capabilities and external communication materials.


    • Assist in the Bug analysis of the software project for developers.


    • Support with software projects of our customers.

Knowledge requirements:

    • 2 to 4 years’ experience in Android platform development (Applications published to Google Play, Amazon AppStore, etc.).


    • Familiar with developing asynchronous, multi-threaded Server-Client applications. Integration mobile applications with back end services (HTTP, REST, JSON, XML, OAuth, SQL technologies knowledge).


    • Knowledge of:


    • Android SDK (Familiarity with Android API Level 19 and up required).


    • Android development tools and external libraries (Dagger 2, Rxjava, Picasso, GSON, Retrofit).


    • Design patterns MVVM, MVP, MVC and general design considerations.


    • Android architecture components.


    • Management of SCM tools (SVN, Git, Maven), general mobile landscape, architectures, trends and emerging technologies.


    • Familiar with:


    • Android Application development framework and software development process, can complete development tasks independently according to product design and requirements.


    • Android UI framework, thread, process characteristics, Android network communication protocol, such as: http, web service, socket, etc., familiar with Android performance index.


    • Skilled in using of Android Studio IDE, at least one Android product project development experience.


    • OOP skills based on Java programming language.



Other requirements:

    • Bachelor degree or above, Computer Software or related major.


    • Advance English Level (Mandatory).


    • Ability to have close attention to the development of new technologies in the industry and grasp the direction of technology development.


    • Analytical skills and KPI achievement orientation.


    • Collaboration & teamwork ability, good ability to withstand stress, positive attitude, be able to actively integrate into the area.


    • Resourcefulness capability, excellent attention to details.


    • High commitment and availability to work according to the business necessities.


    • Ability to maintain clear focus under pressure is a must.


    • Understand and bring openness to different cultures.

. Beneficios:

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Huawei del Perú
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